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About Tabatha

Spearheading conversations from the perspective of a Gen-z Republican

Tabatha Fajardo, at 24 years old, embodies a deep-seated commitment to Republican ideals and a profound love for America. As the daughter of Peruvian asylum seekers, she was instilled with values of hard work, perseverance, and patriotism from an early age.

Tabatha's journey in politics commenced as a fervent advocate for Republican principles. With a robust background in campaign operations, she has made significant contributions to several notable campaigns and organizations. From her early involvement with the Republican National Committee and the Republican National Senatorial Committee, to her role in Trump Victory, Lee Zeldin for Congress, LaLota for Congress, and Herschel Walker for Senate campaigns, Tabatha's dedication to advancing conservative causes has been unwavering.

Throughout her career, Tabatha has honed her strategic expertise and gained valuable insights into the intricate dynamics of political campaigns. 

Currently serving as a legislative aide in New York, Tabatha continues to channel her passion for public service into meaningful contributions to her community. While her role may have transitioned from the fast-paced world of campaign politics to the quieter realm of public service, her dedication to advancing Republican ideals remains steadfast.

Through her blog, Tabatha endeavors to share insights, experiences, and reflections on her journey as a Gen-Z Republican.

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